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Why the name ‘Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel’?

Ecumenical - We affirm the World Council of Churches spirit of ecumenism. EAPPI expands upon the meaning of ecumenism in churches, intentionally working with all faiths and none. We consult with Heads of Churches across all denominations, take guidance from a reference group of Jews, Muslims, and Christians, bring Ecumenical Accompaniers from a variety of backgrounds, and work with all communities in Palestine and Israel regardless of religion.

Accompaniment – Not only do we practice the internationally recognized model of Accompaniment used for humanitarian work in conflict zones, we embody a theology of Accompaniment, by which internationals walk side by side local Christians and support all those suffering in Palestine and Israel, while sharing in daily life.

Palestine and Israel – The mission of EAPPI takes place in Palestine and in Israel, not in just one or the other.  We ally with every force working for justice and peace among Palestinians and Israelis alike.  We can succeed only when we see the pain of both peoples and when they desire more than anything for both peoples to live in peace, justice, and reconciliation. It is our belief that the Israeli occupation is harmful to both Palestinians and Israelis and that both peoples have the right to live in peace, security, and freedom.

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