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Jordan Valley

*Jordan Valley includes the Jericho & Tubas Governorates


Access issues in the Jordan Valley

We monitor Israel’s land zoning regime in the Jordan Valley, which confiscates and allocates large swaths of Palestinian-owned land to closed military zones, nature reserves, and settlements. These zoning policies have rendered approximately 94% of the land of the Jordan Valley to be inaccessible to Palestinians. Moreover, Israel’s confiscation of underground fresh water supplies to Israeli settlements within the Jordan Valley, has crippled the local economy for Palestinians, which is dependent on agriculture, while making the area lucrative for illegal settlers.

Displacement issues in the Jordan Valley

As 87% of the Jordan Valley is located in Area C, a part of the West Bank that is fully administered by the Israeli military, Palestinians must apply to a branch of the Israeli military for building permits to develop their own land. These permits are rarely granted to Palestinians, while construction of Israeli settlements is rampant. Thus, to cope with natural growth, many Palestinians in the Jordan Valley forego the permit process and build houses and other structures on their land, only to be demolished by the Israeli Military. EAs respond to alerts of such incidents, to document and report on them to relevant agencies. We also follow and reports on incidents of village evacuations for the sake of military training.


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